Ordering from us is made very easy for the dentist

Impression material

Take the impressions with A-silicone, which stays stable. Please, place the impressions and biting register into a self closing plastic bag and into the LUMI-box.

Make the order

Please complete the order in our online ordering system , print out the cover note and place it into the LUMI-box. You can place the order also by filling the paper form by hand. With any works relating dental implants, please make also sure to fill in all the information about those implants.

In case you do not yet have the user rights into our online ordering system, you can register here. We will be in touch with you right after that and we will be more than happy to send you all the needed packaging materials.


Please pack all the completed LUMI-boxes into the delivery bag (max. 4 boxes in one delivery bag) and stick the Finnish Postal Service delivery form self-adhesive sticker on the bag. We will be happy to deliver to you filled and completed delivery form stickers.

Order pick-up

With orders completed before 11:00 am, the Finnish Postal Service will pick up the delivery bags on the same day from your clinic. With orders completed after 11:00 am, the pick-up might be only on the following day. In urgent cases you can also deliver the bag to a Post Office by yourself.

When ordering with a manually filled paper form, please remember to order the pick-up!


The completed order will be delivered to your clinic within 10-14 weekdays (depending on the product).

If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: +358-20-770 5420 or info[at]lumidental.com.

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